What Steps Should You Need To Recover The Gmail Account Password?

Moments come when you are compelled to find a way to recover the Gmail password. Doing so can seem important especially when the password slips your mind. For some Gmail users, it is harder to go through the validation process to recover the password.


In this internet age, we hold dozens of online accounts for multiple purposes. The users are more likely to forget their password and find themselves unable to access their account until unless they have not safety noted down the password somewhere. But the fact is most of the Gmail users don’t prefer to note down the password anywhere due to security purposes.

Instead of it, they choose to remember the password. But unfortunately, at times, the users end up forgetting the password and seek for a way to recover the password as soon as possible with an intention to get back the account access once again.

This is perhaps we have come up with the whole validation process to recover the Gmail account password and regain the access to Gmail account. The password recovery is not just done when your password slips your mind, but the Gmail security experts’ at Gmail password recovery number emphasis on frequent reset of the password so the hackers can never access your account to expose your personal details and accomplish their personal nasty goals.

Follow these steps to recover the Gmail account password

Before you head to recover the Gmail account password, make sure you have a registered mobile number. It helps you easily recover the password. Besides, you have different alternatives to recover the password. Either you can recover by entering the previous password, sending verification code, a secondary email, and security questions.

  • Visit
  • Select Forgot Password on Gmail login screen
  • If prompted enter Gmail email address, then select Next
  • Gmail ask security questions to ensure you are the owner of the account
  • If you don’t answer the security questions, select Try Another Way
  • Google will text you a verification code on your mobile phone
  • Enter the verification code and select Next
  • Enter the new password and confirm
  • Finally, select Next
  • Your password is recovered now

This process will let you regain access to Gmail account that you are using for office purposes. Even, you can have expert assistance at the Gmail password recovery number introduced by Gmail support.

Take a ways

Gmail has facilitated you to recover the password the way you are comfortable. Not having a secondary email address is no longer an issue while recovering the password. You can choose to recover using your registered mobile number. Even, giving answers to security questions is also an ultimate way to end up recovering the password.

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