How to Create a Group Label in Gmail?

In today’s post, we are going to show you how to create a label on Gmail but before we will enlighten you what are labels and why do we create labels in Gmail. So, let’s begin.


Labels are folders that are used to organize your Gmail inbox. Labels basically help you find each of your targeted emails so that they don’t get lost in your email. You can also access your targeted emails within your labels.

Put simply, all the emails coming from a specific email address will directly land in your labels folder on the left side of your Gmail home page screen. You can also change the color of your labels which will help you recognize the label's emails in your inbox. The color gets changed by using the drop-down menu. So, without any further delay, let’s show you how to create a group label in your Gmail or contact Gmail Helpline Number.

Here are the steps to create a group label in Gmail;

  • Log-in your account and go to the Settings page
  • Once you are here, visit the Labels Tab and click on Create New Label
  • Enter a new label name and click on Create (ensure you don’t select the checkbox)
  • You will receive a notification allowing you to know that label was created
  • As the label is created, go to the “filters and blocked address” tab
  • A text box with appear labeled “Has the words”
  • Type of the post name so it can land in the labels folder
  • Click “Create filter with this search”
  • Now many available options will appear in front of you
  • Click the box says app the label and select your label in the drop-down
  • Then click on always mark it as important to ensure you never want these emails sent to your spam folder
  • Also, Click on Checkbox “Star it”
  • At last, click on blue Create filter button

Now all the emails will be sent in the label folder containing the title you have given. And also you can check your inbox to see your label emails in your different color. If the labels are not colored, then you can change the color by going through the drop menu in the label folder.

For technical assistance, approach Gmail Helpline number

We hope we find that information valuable for you. Perhaps, you may face problem while creating the labels even after following the procedure shared above. You can dial Gmail Helpline number anytime to your cell phone to discuss the issue with the experts at Gmail Support.

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