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Gmail is an absolutely free email service operated by Google. It is loaded with many advanced features that have been turned out to be very useful in the corporate. Google has also introduced G Suite with an aim to serve the businesses more effectively. G Suite is a premium service that has a set of applications.

But if you have not yet experienced any email service, Gmail is the right place to begin with. It integrates other Google services such as Google Drive, Google docs, Youtube, Google Photo, Google Maps, etc. Put simply, if you have a Gmail account, you can directly access to these Google services without creating a separate account for every Google service.

Gmail offers you 15GB storage space, your all emails are stored online safely, and it enables you to send, receive, delete, and archive your messages. Gmail Customer Helpline Number is one of the best things about Gmail, where you can raise your concerns regarding Gmail service.

The users might have concern i.e. how to get started with Gmail. Here we have come up with a complete guide to Gmail. The new users are supposed to get all answers to their queries after going through this guide.

How to create a new Gmail account?

  • Open your internet browser, and type www.gmail.com in the address bar
  • Select Create Account, and then select 'for Myself'
  • Enter required information that includes First name, last name, username, and password
  • Select the 'Next' button
  • Enter the phone number and select ‘Next’
  • Google will send you a text with a code
  • Enter the code and select next
  • Enter the requested information and select ‘Next’
  • Readout privacy information and then select I agree
  • Select Next
  • Choose a layout and select OK
  • Your Gmail account has been created now
  • Congrats

The job is not done here. We at Gmail Technical Support Number let you know that Gmail set-up is the next step. After creating the account, you can send and receive the emails but to create an identity on Gmail, you need to personalize your account, which will be done by setting-up the Gmail. This will help the other email users to recognize you on Gmail. The Gmail set-up includes changing the profile name, uploading your profile picture, choosing a theme, etc. Meanwhile, you can get expert help at Gmail Support Phone Number to set-up your account.

Gmail Customer Care Number is not confined to letting you help in setting you a new account, but it is the one-step destination to share Gmail issues being faced by the users. Gmail issues do not mean the service has some loopholes but there are many other reasons why the users frequently face issues.

At times, Gmail stops functioning due to server errors and internet connection issues. However, sometimes, the users are unable to access Gmail due to not remembering the password. The users can get in touch with us at Gmail Contact phone number to get instant help get rid of password forgetting issues. But before, you must know that Gmail has enabled its users to recover the password in multiple ways.

Following are the multiple ways to recover Gmail account password;

  • verification code by phone number
  • Using the secondary email address
  • Answering the security questions
  • Entering month and year when the Gmail is created by you

Below is the procedure to reset the password by getting verification on the phone number;

It is the most preferred way to recover the Gmail password. Therefore, carefully follow the below procedure to end up resetting the password.

  • Visit https://mail.google.com/
  • Enter Gmail address and click Next
  • Click forgot password
  • Click Try another way
  • Enter your phone number and click the SEND button
  • Choose one option from ‘Send text message’ or ‘Get a call
  • Enter verification code you get, and click Next
  • Enter a new password and confirm the new password
  • Click Submit

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Our guide has enlightened you with how to get started with Gmail, how to set-up your account, and how to deal with technical issues. Before approaching tech professionals at Gmail Technical Support Number USA, attempting to resolve the issue would be a nice approach. Otherwise, we are already out there for you with our Gmail Helpline number.

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